Accessories-Air heaters and blowers

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Hose coupling 36mm, 3 Outlet 14mm

Order-No.: 5107281

Hose coupling 36mm, 2 Outlet 19mm

Order-No.: 5107298

Hose coupling 38mm, 2 Outlet 38mm

Order-No.: 5107293

Hose coupling 60mm, 2 Outlet 60mm

Order-No.: 5107278

Hose coupling 90mm, 2 Outlet 60mm

Order-No.: 5107238

Hose coupling 60mm, 2 Outlet 38mm

Order-No.: 5107291

Air hose

14mm Order-No.: 5101681

19mm Order-No.: 5107350

38mm Order-No.: 5107286

60mm Order-No.: 5107288

90mm Order-No.: 5107237

Shell reflector (62.5mm) 50x400mm

Order-No.: 5106177

Slide-on flanged connection type S21

Order-No.: 5107282

Slide-on flanged connection type S36

Order-No.: 5107250

Slide-on flanged connection type M50/M50L

Order-No.: 5107254

Slide-on flanged connection type L62, Compact

Order-No.: 5107246

Slide-on flanged connection type XL92

Order-No.: 5107275

Slide-on round nozzle type S21

5mm Order-No.: 5107144

10mm Order-No.: 5107145

Slide-on round nozzle type L62, Compact

Order-No.: 5107245

Slide-on round nozzle 50mm type XL92

Order-No.: 5107244

Slide-on angled nozzle 90, D 12 mm type S36

Order-No.: 5107003

Slide-on angled nozzle 50mm, leglength 160x100 mm, type M50/M50L

Order-No.: 5107256

Slide-on angled nozzle 50 mm, leglength 175x175 mm, type XL92

Order-No.: 5107269

Slide-on angled nozzle 62 mm, leglength 120x112 mm, type L62, Compact

Order-No.: 5107265

Slide-on wide-slit nozzle 20x2 mm, type S32

Order-No.: 5105475

Slide-on wide-slit nozzle, 70x4 mm, type S36

Order-No.: 5107261

Slide-on wide slit nozzle, 85x15 mm, type L62, Compact

Order-No.: 5107260

Slide-on wide-slit nozzle, 150x12 mm, type L62, Compact

Order-No.: 5107259

Slide-on wide-slit nozzle, 200x4 mm, type L62

Order-No.: 5107262

Slide-on wide-slit nozzle, 300x12 mm, type XL92

Order-No.: 5107272

Slide-on wide-slit nozzle, 500x15 mm, type XL92

Order-No.: 5107267

blow nozzle 300 mm, 60 mm connector

Order-No.: 5125907

blow nozzle 300 mm, 60 mm connector

Order-No.: 5125908

Slide-on extension pipe 200x40 mm, type L62, Compact

Order-No.: 5107247