Accessories-Welding equipments

A small choice of our products

wide slot nozzle 20mm

push fit

Order-No. 5107123

wide slot nozzle 20mm base angled

 Order-No. 5105487

angle nozzle 20mm 60°

push fit

Order-No. 5107125

angle nozzle 20mm 90°

push fit

Order-No. 5107124

wide slot nozzle 30x2mm 15° angled

Order-No. 5105494

wide slot nozzle 40mm

push fit

Order-No. 5107132

wide slot nozzle 40mm perforated

push fit

Order-No. 5107133

wide slot nozzle 75x2mm

push fit for hot air tool type  Eron

Order-No. 5107266

tubular nozzle 5mm

push fit


tubular nozzle 5mm

screw on

Order-No. 5105622

tacking nozzle

push fit on tubular nozzle 5mm

Order-No. 5106996

tacking nozzle

screw on


speed welding nozzle

push fit on tubular nozzle 5mm

round 3mm Order-No. 5106989

round 4mm Order-No. 5106990

round 5mm Order-No. 5106991

speed welding nozzle

push fit on tubular nozzle 5mm

Profile 5.7mm  Order.-No. 5106992

Profile 7mm  Order.-No. 5106993

draw nozzle

screw on

round 3mm Order.-No. 5113876

round 4mm Order.-No. 5113874

draw nozzle with tacking tip

screw on

round 3mm  Order.-No. 5113666

round 4mm  Order.-No. 5113399

Sieve reflector (Ø8.25mm) 10x12mm

Order-No. 5107324

Sieve reflector (Ø32mm) 35x20mm

Order-No.: 5107338

Sieve reflector (Ø32mm) 50x35mm

Order-No.: 5107337

Pressure roller with ball bearings (brass)

Order-No. 5106972

Pressure roller 28mm (PTFE)

Order-No. 5106976

Pressure roller 40mm (PTFE)

Order-No. 5106971

Pressure roller 80mm (Silicon)

Order-No. 5106974

Pressure roller 28mm (Silicon)

Order-No. 5106977

Pressure roller 40mm (Silicon)

Order-No. 5106975

Transport case for hand welding tools

Order-No.: 5201000

Wide slot nozzle 70x10 mm push on for type ErOn

Order-No.: 5107258

Wide slot nozzle 150x12 mm push on for type ErOn

Order-No.: 5107270

Foil cutter

Order-No.: D-0404

Scraper three square

Best.-Nr.: 5201440

Scraper two square

Order-No.: 5201470

Scraper with double handle

Order-No.: 5200140

Scraper short 100 mm

Order-No.: 5200142

Scraper long 220 mm

Order-No.: 5200143

Scraper bent

Order-No.: 5200141

Welding seam plane

Order-No.: 5200146


Order-No.: 5106967